Top 10 Men's Fashion Accessories

       Top 10 Men's Fashion Accessories 

1- Wrist Watch 

A watch can be worn around the wrist and attached to a bracelet or other type of bracelet, including a metal strap, leather bracelet, or other type of bracelet. Pocket watches are designed to carry a person in a pocket, often attached to a chain.
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Shoes are shoes that protect and comfort the feet. Shoes are subject to decoration and fashion. Shoe designs vary widely over time and from culture to culture, where the initial appearance is associated with function.

Type of shoes is like







7-party wear


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Wallets Can Carry


Atm Cards 




Contact List 


4- Polo T-shirts

Polo shirts are generally short sleeved; they were utilized by polo players initially in India in 1859 and in Great Britain during the 1920s.

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A polo shirt is a type of shirt with a neckline, a placket neck area with a few catches, and a discretionary pocket.

 5 - Sunglasses 

Top 10 Men's Fashion Accessories

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6 - Casual Shirts

Easygoing wear (easygoing clothing or apparel) is a Western clothing standard that is loose, infrequent, unconstrained and appropriate for ordinary use.

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Casual clothing became popular in the western world after the counterculture of the 1960s. If the emphasis is on the comfort of casual clothes, then it can be called casual clothes.

7 - Round Neck T-shirts

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Formal wear is the customary Western clothing standard classification relevant for the most conventional events, like weddings, christenings, affirmations, memorial services, Easter and Christmas customs, notwithstanding certain state suppers, crowds, balls, and pony hustling occasions.

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Formal Shirts Best For:

1 - Interviews

2 - Business Meeting 

3 - Wedding 

4 - Reception 

5 - Events

6 - Presentation 

7 - College 



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